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  Founders' Statements on Purpose
"I believe the major problems the earth is currently experiencing can be categorized into three forms of imbalances: imbalances in trade among developed nations; imbalances in wealth and material conditions between industrialized and developing nations; and imbalances between generations. I expect the Caux Round Table to stimulate actions to address these issues."
Ryuzaburo Kaku
Chairman Emeritus, Canon Inc.
"First, we should engage in honest dialogue and learn better to listen to each other - not to be too worried about agreement but to be very concerned about understanding. Second, we should aim for real friendship and trust. Third, consider the underlying moral issues and be guided by clear values and a sense of responsibility. Fourth, make a start not with declarations about what others ought to do, but with personal action in our various organizations and environments."
Frederik J. Philips
Co-founder of the Caux Round Table and Former President, Philips Electronics
"What has differentiated the Caux Round Table from its inception is that it consists of individual senior business leaders who share common values and a conviction that business should assume a leadership role in bringing positive changes in society. We seek to affect the policies and conduct not only of internationally involved businesses but also of governments and multinational institutions. We believe that sensitivity to the concerns of all stakeholders, dialogue that leads to advocacy and action, and collaboration with others are the keys to greater prosperity, sustainability and fairness in a global economy."
Winston R. Wallin
Former Chairman, Caux Round Table and Chairman Emeritus, Medtronic Inc

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