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In July 2002 the Caux Round Table entered into a formal affiliation with the International Society of Business, Economics, and Ethics (ISBEE). ISBEE is a worldwide professional organization that brings together theoreticians and practitioners who share an interest in promoting responsible business management. Ratification of this affiliation represents the first step in a partnership that is expected to redound to the benefit of both groups. On the one hand, ISBEE will help the CRT identify emerging concerns in international business ethics, and systematically investigate issues of particular relevance to its agenda. Conversely, the CRT will share with ISBEE the views and perspectives of senior executives on global business challenges, and support ISBEE’s international activities. In addition, four Caux Round Table participants – Charito Kruvant (USA), Toru Hashimoto (Japan), Minoru Inaoka (Japan), and Ari Kahan (Mexico) – are serving on ISBEE’s Business Executive Advisory Group.

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