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Principles for Business 
CRT Principles for Business are a worldwide vision for ethical and responsible corporate behavior and served as a foundation for action for business leaders worldwide. 

Principles for Governments
The CRT has created a set of Principles for Governments which provide a framework for development of necessary social capital in the poor countries, permitting them to grow step-by-step into greater sophistication of institutions. 

Principles for NGO's
The Caux Round Table has drafted proposed Principles for NGO's to focus their dedication in ways that respond to moral and ethical standards of accountable and transparent stewardship of power and economic resources.

Anti-Corruption Measures (0.04 MB )
In order to assist companies implement CRT Principle 7 - Avoidance of Illicit Operations - we have provided a guide for action.

Guide to CSR and Business Ethics Codes
The Caux Round Table has prepared summaries of selected corporate responsibility codes and standards to provide a useful overview of some well-established and emerging perspectives on the nature of corporate responsibility.

eStandards Forum
eStandards Forum has designed a password protected website to provide a central, searchable resource for the public and private sectors so they will have sufficient information to enable a comprehensive analysis of the world's progress in adopting and implementing the key international "best practice" standards.

12 Core "Best Practice" Standards
The international financial community has concluded that the most feasible way to reduce the risk of serious and frequent financial crisis in the international financial system is through the establishment of a system of "best practice" standards. Best-practice standards in twelve important policy areas have been developed by a cadre of globalization and financial experts from the most important international financial institutions including the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Bank for International Settlements and Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Country Profiles
The CRT has developed a series of Country Profiles that serve as the starting point for development of plans on a country-by-country basis to implement relevant standards for government conduct. The CRT has adopted for its profile the 12 core best practice standards as originally proposed by the international financial community as well as global standards, indexes and ratings provided by organizations such as Transparency International, Moody's, Fitch, Standard & Poors, and the United Nations Development Program.

Principles for Globalization ( 0.71 MB   )
The Caux Round Table has created Principles for Globalization in the expectation that better government supporting the entrepreneurial endeavors of socially responsible businesses around the world will generate greater investment of private capital to create more wealth for poor people. The CRT Principles for Globalization include new Principles for Governments, in addition to the existing Principles for Business.

Recommended Books
The Caux Round Table has created a list of pertinent readings in the study and teaching of responsible capitalism.


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