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Initiatives of Change is an international network best known for its key role in post-World War II reconciliation in Europe as well as between Japan and the Philippines. Its international conference center in Caux, Switzerland, hosted the first and many subsequent Caux Round Table meetings. Each summer Caux draws around 2000 people of all walks of life for conferences dealing with specific issues (www.caux.ch ).

In recent years, Initiatives of Change has been active in regions of conflict such as Lebanon, the Middle East, the former Yugoslavia, the Horn of Africa, Cambodia, as well as in civil society on every continent. Initiatives of Change runs major outreach programs, including Agenda for Reconciliation for peace-building; Hope in the Cities working for racial justice and healing; Foundations for Freedom, a training program in values for democracy; and Caux Initiatives for Business.

The aims of Initiatives of Change include the following:

  • Healing the wounds of history that sustain cycles of revenge, especially where cultures and civilizations meet.
  • Strengthening the moral and spiritual dimensions of democracy, so challenging selfish interests and corruption.
  • Helping individuals and families to counter the climate of blame and selfishness with a culture of care and personal responsibility.
  • Strengthening the motivation of care and moral commitment in economic life and thinking, in order to create jobs, correct economic and environmental imbalance, and tackle the root causes of poverty.
  • Rebuilding a sense of community and hope in cities and tackling the causes of racial and communal discrimination.
  • Forging networks among people from different cultures and faiths based on a shared commitment to work for reconciliation, justice, and peace.

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