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  Caux International Conference Center

Since 1946 “Mountain House” in Caux, Switzerland, has opened its doors to the world as an international conference center for Initiatives of Change. Each summer the Caux conferences draw around 2000 people of every generation, background and religious outlook. Caux hosted the first and many subsequent meetings of the Caux Round Table (which draws its name from the center).

Those who take part in the conferences include

  • young people eager to shape the world they will inhabit;
  • industrialists and trade unionists concerned that economic leaders act responsibly and ethically;
  • Africans, Americans, Asians and Europeans determined to root out corruption;
  • intellectuals in search of values for democracy;
  • opposing leaders in divided countries who are working for peace;
  • community leaders from different ethnic backgrounds seeking justice in multiracial societies.


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Following World War II, more than 3000 Germans and 2000 French came to Caux, and their encounters became the basis of a massive development in reconciliation and reconstruction. Caux was later recognized by both the German and French governments for its contribution to European reconciliation.

The conferences at Caux achieved further public recognition through several other major contributions to international developments in the post-war years, notably the part played in the reconciliation of Japan with her South-East Asian neighbors, and in the achievement of independence by several African countries without major bloodshed.

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