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The United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development:
(8 MB )
Caux Round Table. A White Paper and Call to Action.
(Bangkok, Thailand - September 2015)

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The Ethical Leadership Profile and Our Financial Crisis (20 kB )
Steve Young
February 10, 2009 

Qur'anic Guidance for Good Governance (253 kB )
The CRT believes that prosperity and successful business endeavor can best occur under conditions of good governance. Social capital is a precondition for the accumulation of financial wealth. Working with scholars from many Islamic countries at a seminar at the International Islamic University Malaysia, the CRT collaborated in opening remarkable vistas of understanding Qur'anic guidance that fully embraces the CRT's ethical Principles for Government. To read these most important essays which refute the thesis that there must be a clash of civilizations between Islam and others, click here.
Editors: Abdullah al-Ahsan and Stephen Young (February 2009)

CSR and Qur'anic guidance - Sufficiency Economy Principles and CSR (70 kB )
Stephen B. Young 
February 2009  

What Next for Global Capitalism? (10 kB )
Claire Chiang, Senior Vice President, Banyan Tree Holdings and
Stephen B. Young. Global Executive Director, The Caux Round Table
February 2009 

"I messed up" (7 kB )
Stephen B. Young 
February 2009 

Public Goods (20 kB )
Stephen B. Young 
November 2008

CRT Principles and the Crisis (20 kB )
Stephen B. Young
October 2008 

Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers, AIG – What might it all mean? (10 kB )
September 2008

Asset Pricing and Asset Bubbles (30 kB )
Stephen B. Young 
August 2008

The Corporation in Modern American Society (0.16MB )
Charles M. Denny, Jr with Paige E. Evans
May 2008

Catholic Social Teaching and the Caux Round Table: Possibilities for Partnership (60 kB )
Kelly Q. Crow , Caux Round Table Program Associate
January 2007

A New Paradigm for Labor and Capital: Moral Interdependence ( 0.12 MB )
Lord Daniel Brennan, Chair, The Caux Round Table
Howard Behar, Board of Directors, Starbucks
Heribert Schmitz, former Vice President HP
October 5-7, 2006

Two Traditional Chinese Normative Models for Business Ethics ( 0.22 MB )
Stephen B. Young
September 21 - 22, 2006

Is There a Scientific Basis for Moral Government? ( 0.11 MB )
N. Doran Hunter
Spring, 2006

Is Moral Government Possible? ( 0.22 MB )
N. Doran Hunter
December 4-6, 2005

Key Ingredients to National Economic Success: Formation of Social Capital in a Koranic Context ( 0.12 MB )
Stephen B. Young
October 1-3, 2005

Social Capital Achievement ( 0.15 MB )
Ronald Lattin & Stephen B. Young
Summer, 2005

The Caux Round Table Principles for Business: Comparson and Prospect
Gerald F. Cavanagh, S.J.
Charles T. Fisher III Chair of Business Ethics and Professor of Management,
University of Detroit Mercy
May 2004

The Search for Moral Capitalism and the Holy Grail of Business Valuation ( 0.50 MB )
Stephen B. Young
Published in the Ivey Business Journal
March 2004

Fundamental Moral Parameters for Business: Convergence among the Abramic Faith Traditions ( 0.56 MB )
Paul Cardinal Poupard, President, Pontifical Council for Culture
Dr. H. Khayat, Senior Advisor to the Regional Director, WHO Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office
Rabbi David Rosen, International Director of Interreligious Affairs, The American Jewish Committee
With an Introduction by John Dalla Costa
October 2003

Portfolio Investment in Emerging Markets: An Investor's Perspective ( 0.10 MB )
Michael J. Johnston
Executive Vice President and Director
The Capitol Group Companies, Inc.

International Standards for Assessing Country Risk  (0.10 MB )
George J. Vojta and Carl F. Adams
May 2003

Principles for Governments ( 0.11 MB )
Caux Round Table
September 2002 

Family Businesses and Reforms in Corporate Governance ( 0.15 MB )
Presented by Stephen B. Young
July 12, 2002
The Institute of Policy Studies

Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility
An Example of Recent CRT Leadership in Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility
( 0.14 MB )
Ronald O. Baukol
Member Board of Directors, 3M
Member, Caux Round Table
April 19, 2002
Tokyo Stock Exchange
Tokyo, Japan

CRT Principles for Business and Great Religious Traditions ( 9.62 MB )
A Suggestion for Business Leadership from the Caux Round Table by Stephen B. Young, Global Executive Director, The Caux Round Table, January 2002

The Greatest Challenge for the World Business Community - 
Making it Possible for the Poor Nations to Share in Global Prosperity
( 0.17 MB )
Winston R. Wallin
Chairman Emeritus, Medtronic, Inc.
Member, Caux Round Table
July 2001

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