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The Caux Round Table (“CRT”) seeks to derive results from principles of business ethics and social responsibility through actions. It promotes its 1994 Principles for Business along with more recently suggested Principles for Governments and NGO’s.

The ambition of the CRT is not small; it is to facilitate change for the better in humanity’s ability to raise living standards, provide for social justice and realize the fullness of individual human dignity in all our days. This goal demands action over a wide horizon of possible initiatives and can only be achieved through collaborations and partnerships and through step-by-step achievements to put in place a sound architecture for a more moral global capitalism. If only a few are touched by the CRT’s efforts, our ambition will sound only as somewhat self-righteous, and perhaps self-serving, vainglory without significant consequences for others. The world is not changed through high-mindedness and good intentions alone. Nor are words and assertion of ideals enough. The inspiration of many to act in concert with those ideals is required.

The impact of the CRT is not limited to the steps taken only by its participants or to the effects of its own initiatives. To the extent the CRT suggested Principles are also implemented by others, the CRT can be a more effective force for achieving better results for all from global capitalism.

The goal of the CRT is to diffuse its suggested principles, standards, benchmarks, management concepts and practices, and understanding of a moral capitalism as widely as possible. Therefore, it is incumbent upon CRT participants and staff to always take a welcoming and affirmative posture to the possibility of sharing CRT ideas with others and to welcome the possibility of working with other individuals, organizations and governments.

The CRT seeks affiliations and cooperative working relationships with like-minded individuals and organizations. Establishing such working relationships based upon good will, common ideals and open-minded interactions better permits the CRT to accomplish its vision.

The CRT seeks to be known as a network of outstanding individuals who, with dedication and the highest aspirations, contributed in their time and place to the shaping of a better world for all.


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