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Title: The Ethics of Food
Date: 27-Oct-2009
Category: Announcements
Source/Author: Minneapolis Star Tribune

The Ethics of Food

We at the Caux Round Table are continually surprised how often and in how many places our Principles for Business turn up. Fundamental ethics seem to be needed everywhere people are in power or make decisions. The field is not a narrow silo but a broad plain or vast ocean, spreading its concern and its guidance far and wide.

Recently, we organized a small conference in Minnesota to look at the intersection of ethics and food - the production and distribution of food and the impact of the consumption of food. So many issues turned up but so few are already under the microscope of business ethics advocates and CSR professionals.

We very recently submitted commentary with our thoughts on this issue to the Minneapolis Star Tribune. The more we thought about it, the ethical issues around food and its impact on our wellbeing and the wellbeing of our planet are of first importance and global in scope.

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