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Title: A New Frontier: Business Ethics and CSR with Respect to Employees
Date: 17-Feb-2008
Source/Author: Christopher Michaelson, Ph.D., and Stephen B. Young, Esq.
Description: While it is self-evident that these developments in the marketplace, corporate social responsibility practice, and academic scholarship all revolve around a common theme of worker wellbeing that is gaining momentum, it is not yet clear how they will coalesce around a set of sustainable practices that mutually benefit workers’ wellbeing and corporate performance. The Caux Round Table initiative - “People, Performance, Well-being” - therefore seeks to build upon these developments by developing a set of guidelines that will assist companies and workers in evolving work settings and experiences that will more conducive to comprehensive personal well-being. The Caux Round Table intends to convene participants from business and various academic disciplines to formalize principles that will advance the mutual benefits of these new understandings for both business and society.

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

A short while ago I shared with you the Proceedings of the Caux Round Table 2007 Global Dialogue ably prepared by Richard Broderick. In the Proceedings, Rich reported on the session held to consider how principles of corporate social responsibility might be more thoughtfully applied to the stakeholder constituency of employees.

In particular, the CRT Principles for Business seem to call for more focused concentration on the evolving relationship between employees and firms in this new post-industrial era of globalization. We have been fortunate to attract the insights of Christopher Michaelson in outlining new departures in CSR with respect to employees. Christopher has demonstrated strategic sensitivities in the academy around issues of business ethics and he has responded with sound insight to practical concerns of business in his work with PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Christopher and I have written the attached introductory overview of how application of the CRT Principles for Business to employees might constructively draw upon new learning from disciplines such as well-being studies, positive psychology, neuro-science, and evolutionary biology.

If you have a moment to look it over, I would be most interested in your comments and suggestions.

Sincerely yours,

Stephen B. Young
Global Executive Director
Caux Round Table

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