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28-Dec-2010 Former Caux Round Table Chair Winston R. Wallin Dies
The Caux Round Table was privileged to have as its Chair for many years Winston R. Wallin. Win transformed the...
30-Jul-2009 Global Asset Recovery Initiative to Target Proceeds of Corruption
The Caux Round Table, an international network of business people dedicated to “moral capitalism for a better...
14-Apr-2010 Governance is Governance
Business ethics and corporate governance would seem to be two peas in the same pod of a moral capitalism. But one...
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06-Jul-2010 High frequency trading: A Public Good?
I am increasingly drawn to the proposition that financial markets and capitalism are not soul-mates. They are more...
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18-May-2009 Hironori Yano and Simon Sproule Elected to Caux Round Table Global Governing Board
The Global Governing Board of the Caux Round Table has just elected Mr. Hironori Yano of Tokyo, Japan, and Mr....
20-Mar-2009 In His Majesty we trust
CRT Coordinator for Southeast Asia, the Tunku Abdul Aziz, has just written this opinion commentary for the...
01-Jul-2009 Is there an Agency Problem?
want to call your attention, as we turn from crisis management to building more viable global institutions of...
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02-Apr-2010 Lehman Brothers, Repo 105 Sales, Lawyers and Ethical Abuse
Last week, Chicago lawyer Anton Valukas submitted to the court charged with supervising the bankruptcy of...
03-Nov-2010 Lessons from the Global Financial Crisis
The global financial crisis has brutally thrust the future of free-market economic fundamentalism – something...
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10-Nov-2009 Lord Skidelsky's Important Remarks at the July '09 Caux Round Table Global Dialogue
Our keynote speaker at the July Global Dialogue at Mountain House in Caux, Switzerland, was Lord Robert...
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04-Oct-2010 Millennium Development Goals - Good Intentions, Weak Policies
Recently in New York, heads of states and governments approved an interim report on achievement of the UN...
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19-Feb-2010 Moderation as a Fundamental Principle of Qur'anic Guidance
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26-Jun-2009 Moral Capitalism: An Oxymoron or Scientific Possibility?
When discussing with my colleagues at the university the possibility that science might be on the cusp of...
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21-Oct-2011 New Caux Round Table Publication Launched in Singapore - Pathways
30-Apr-2010 Organizations and Ethical Behaviors: Anxiety has a Hundred Faces
Our global community of business leaders, politicians, regulators and commentators have not yet, I sense,...
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09-Jun-2009 President Obama's Proposal for Financial Regulatory Reform Advance Caux Round Table Recommendations
“President Obama’s proposals for reform of American financial institutions and products advance the Caux Round...
31-Mar-2009 Press Release: Seven Point Reform Plan to Restore Trust in Business and in the Global Financial System
12-Aug-2011 Preventing a Clash of Civilizations: The Way Forward (2011 Global Dialogue Concluding Statement)
03-Dec-2009 Proceedings of the Caux Round Table's First Southeast Asia Dialogue
The proceedings of our first Southeast Asia Dialogue are now complete. The Round Table was held in Bangkok last...
15-Dec-2010 Professor Niall Ferguson Validates Caux Round Table Principles

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