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06-Jul-2010 High frequency trading: A Public Good?
I am increasingly drawn to the proposition that financial markets and capitalism are not soul-mates. They are more...
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28-Jan-2010 Psychoanalysis - A Challenge to Business Ethics
Advocacy of ethics in business and responsible business behavior that takes a long-term view of pricing and...
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09-Feb-2010 Adam Smith Reconciled
One of the great issues in consideration of capitalism are the comments by Adam Smith that rest the system...
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19-Feb-2010 Moderation as a Fundamental Principle of Qur'anic Guidance
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09-Nov-2009 The GFC one year on: a magic pudding in more ways than one?
In the last year, since the onset of the global financial crisis, we have apparently moved from feelings of despair...
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10-Nov-2009 Lord Skidelsky's Important Remarks at the July '09 Caux Round Table Global Dialogue
Our keynote speaker at the July Global Dialogue at Mountain House in Caux, Switzerland, was Lord Robert...
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15-Sep-2009 Thoughts on Reform on the First Anniversary of the Collapse of Lehman Brothers
One year ago the great Wall Street House of Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy, setting off the great global...
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07-Oct-2009 The Futility of Reform of Financial Markets: Notes on Keynes’ Chapter 12
John Maynard Keynes: Speculative Conventions and Reform of Financial Markets As we reflect on last year's...
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24-Aug-2009 Aristotle and the Ethics of Wall Street
Aristotle essentially made the same disparaging distinction between the real economy and financial markets that is...
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26-Jun-2009 Moral Capitalism: An Oxymoron or Scientific Possibility?
When discussing with my colleagues at the university the possibility that science might be on the cusp of...
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30-Jun-2009 Social Capital and Wall Street
If we want to restore robust creation of real wealth which can be enjoyed for many years and which can lead to...
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01-Jul-2009 Is there an Agency Problem?
want to call your attention, as we turn from crisis management to building more viable global institutions of...
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30-Jun-2009 Repairing Capitalism’s Immune System
The future of capitalism has been brutally thrust onto centre stage in the aftermath of the global financial...
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27-Jul-2009 Did “Structured Finance” lead to Evasion of Responsible Business Practices?
Banking by its very nature should be a moral activity. It interacts with the lives of the vast majority of...
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09-Apr-2009 Can Ethical Restraint Be Part of the Solution to the Financial Crisis?
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05-May-2009 A crisis of biblical proportions
Today we face a meltdown in financial markets of truly biblical proportions. It could also represent a tipping point...
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11-May-2009 The Economic Crisis and Ends, Educators, Intentionality and Stakeholders
One of the best definitions of economics is as “the science of original sin”. By using that term I reveal...
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20-May-2009 Trust Matters - Restoring Confidence in a Time of Crisis
When the leaders of the world’s biggest economies met in London for the G-20 summit in April, they pledged to...
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