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Stephen B. Young is the Global Executive Director of the Caux Round Table for Moral Capitalism (CRT). Young has published Moral Capitalism and The Road to Moral Capitalism, two well-received books written as a guide to implement the CRT ethical and socially responsible Principles for Business. In her 2008 book, The Difference Makers, Professor Sandra Waddock listed Young among the 23 persons who created the corporate social responsibility movement.

Young was educated at Harvard College and Harvard Law School. He served as an Assistant Dean at the Harvard Law School and as the third Dean of the Hamline University School of Law. He has taught at the University of Minnesota and at the SASIN Graduate School of Management in Bangkok and spoken at many workshops and conferences on corporate social responsibility and business ethics.

Young has also taught at the University of Minnesota Law School, Carlson School of Management, the College of Liberal Arts and Minnesota State University – Mankato. He has written numerous opinion articles for the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Minnesota Journal on Law and Politics, St. Paul Legal Ledger and has been published in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and the Washington Post.

Jed Ipsen
Associate Director

Patrick Rhone
Director of Technical and Internet Support

Michael Hartoonian
Associate Editor

Dave Kansas

Bethany Gladhill


Brad Anderson
Former CEO
Best Buy

Doran Hunter
Professor Emeritus
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Dave Kansas

Mark Ritchie
Former Secretary of State
State of Minnesota

Devry Boughner Vorwerk
Founder and CEO
DevryBV Sustainable Strategies

Steve Young
Global Executive Director
Caux Round Table for Moral Capitalism

Advisory Council & Fellows

Advisory Council:

Brian Atwood – United States
Daniel Brennan – United Kingdom
Karel Noordzy – The Netherlands
Anand Panyarachun – Thailand
Noel Purcell – Australia
Heribert Schmitz – Germany
Frank Straub – Germany
Herman Wijffels – The Netherlands
Domingo Sugranyes Bickel – Spain

Senior Fellows:

Kevin Cashman – United States
Morihisa Kaneko – Japan
Bob MacGregor – United States
Fred Senn – United States


Abdullah Al-Ahsan – Malaysia
Michael Bates – United Kingdom
Richard Bents, Ph.D. — United States
Orn Bodvarsson — United States
Matt Bostrom, Ph.D. — United States
Yury Blagov – Russia
Isabella Bunn – United Kingdom
John Dalla Costa – Italy
Jose Luis Fernandez Fernandez – Spain
Michael Hartoonian – United States
Arkady Izvekov — Russia
Stephen Jordan – United States
John Knapp – United States
Michael Labrosse – United States
Alexandra Lajoux – United States
Todd Lefko – United States
Baocheng Liu – China
Alistair Macdonald-Radcliff — United Kingdom
Lester Myers – United States
Chris Pierce – United Kingdom
Kasit Piromya – Thailand
Anil Sakya – Thailand
Robert Scarlett – United States
Recep Senturk – Turkey
Kazuhiko Togo – Japan
Gaurav Vashist — United States
Eraj Weerasinghe — United States
Michael Wright – United States
Ibrahim Mohamed Zain – Malaysia