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Current Issues (PDF):

    • Pegasus September 2020
      • Capital: A Basic Human Right?
        An Essay in Contextualizing Dialectical Materialism by Stephen B. Young
      • To Hell or Connaught: Neoliberal Capitalism Sets Ireland – and the Rest of the World – on the Path to Catastrophe by Richard Broderick
      • Autumn Equinox by Richard Broderick
    • Pegasus August 2020
      • Novus Ordo Seclorum: A New Order for the Age by Stephen B. Young
      • Novus Ordo Seclorum and Catholic Social Teachings Commentary by Stephen B. Young and John Dalla Costa
      • Tales of the Grim Reaper — The Plague by Albert Camus: Review and Commentary by Richard Broderick
      • Policing as a Public Trust – A Workshop on the Ethics of Public Stewardship by Stephen B. Young and Richard Broderick
      • Poems by Richard Broderick
    • Pegasus July 2020
      • Slavery: A Widespread Affliction from the Middle Ages to 19th Century Abolition by Stephen B. Young
    • Pegasus June 2020
      • Social Capital Achievement: 2019 Country Rankings by Stephen B. Young, Dr. Noel Purcell, and Nabeela Khan
      • Principles for Living in Times of Pandemics and Civil Disturbance by Rich Broderick
      • Revolutionary Success Versus Revolutionary Failure: On Revolution by Rich Broderick
    • Pegasus May 2020
      • Coronavirus and the CRT Principles for Governments by Stephen B. Young
      • Principles for Responsible Business: In the Face of a Pandemic by Richard Broderick
      • Kroger’s $21 Million Man by Judd Legum
      • Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People? Reflections on the Book of Job by Stephen B. Young
      • The Crisis & The Cure: The Covid-19 Pandemic from CAPP-USA
      • Guarding The World From Covid-19 by Ven. Anil Sakya
      • Ahead of the Pack: The Art of Leading by Klaus M. Leisinger — A Review by Richard Broderick
    • Pegasus April 2020
      • Public Interest Capitalism & Going Beyond ROE (Abridged) by George Hara
      • Proceedings of Caux Round Table Round Table on Climate Change
      • Earth as Stakeholder by Patrick Rhone
    • Pegasus March 2020
      • The Age of Surveillance Capitalism – A Precis of its Disruptive Thesis by Stephen B. Young
      • Ethical Principles for the Use of Artificial Intelligence (Draft)
      • Other Voices: Facial Recognition Software Takes Personal Invasion into a New Dimension — The St. Louis Post-Dispatch
      • AI at Google: Our Principles by Sundar Pichai by CEO of Google
      • Will the Coming Combination of AI and Oligarchies Produce a New Feudalism? by Michael Wright
    • Pegasus February 2020
      • Round Table on Valuation Proceedings — Sydney, Australia
      • Round Table on Valuation Proceedings —
 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
      • Workshop on Valuation Methodologies Proceedings — San Francisco, California
    • Pegasus January 2020
      • Caux Round Table for Moral Capitalism 2019 Year in Review
    • Pegasus December 2019
      • Proceedings of 2019 Global Dialogue
    • Pegasus November 2019
      • Enlightened Self-Interest: The Treaty of Versailles and its Disastrous Outcome by Richard Broderick
      • Minnesota Business Leadership: Pioneering a Moral Capitalism: A Personal Reflection by Richard Broderick
      • Remarks by Brad Anderson at Minnesota Business Leadership: Pioneering a Moral Capitalism
      • Acceptance Remarks by Douglas M. Baker, Jr.: Dayton Award for Distinction in Moral Capitalism
      • Letter from Marcus Peacock Chief Operating Officer of Business Roundtable
      • Letter from Robert Doar of American Enterprise Institute
      • Letter from U.S. Senator Marco Rubio
      • Letter from U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar
    • Pegasus October 2019
      • Cast a Cold Eye on Life on Death by Richard Broderick
      • Thymos by Stephen B. Young
      • A World Split Apart by Alexandr Solzhenitsyn
      • Centesimus Annus by His Holiness John Paul II
    • Pegasus September 2019
      • Origins: The Rise of Labor Day by Richard Broderick
      • Martin Luther on Vocation
      • The Principles of Scientific Management 
Chapter 2: “The Principles of Scientific Management”by Frederick Winslow Taylor
      • World of Our Fathers by Richard Broderick
    • Pegasus May 2019
      • Our New Stage of Capitalism – Financialism by Richard Broderick
      • The View From Europe by Richard Broderick
      • Caux Round Table for Moral Capitalism’s
        Code of Conduct for Banks and other Financial Intermediation
      • Wall Street and the Behavioral Science of Making Culture Ethical by Brian Gallagher
    • Pegasus April 2019
      • Love – Truthfulness – Investment by Andreas Suchanek
    • Pegasus March 2019
      • A Principled Business World by Richard Broderick
      • Principles For Responsible Business
    • Pegasus February 2019
      • Proceedings: Round Table on Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with Christian Communities
      • Opinion of Justice Asif Saeed Khan Khosa of Pakistan
      • The Covenant of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of Najran
      • The Muslim View by Richard Broderick
      • The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad by Halim Rane
      • Apostolic Journey Of His Holiness Pope Francis To The United Arab Emirates
      • Moral Capitalism In the Real World by Stephen B. Young
    • Pegasus January 2019
      • Eyes on the Prize by Richard Broderick
      • Looking Back on 2018: The Reality of Market Power by Stephen B. Young

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