Podcast with John Little, Ethicist with Remarkable Insight

Our podcast discussion with John Little of Melbourne, Australia, can be seen above.

John started an ethics center in Australia. He grounds his approach on insight and discernment, as recommended by the noted Jesuit thinker, Bernard Lonergan. He further thinks about how our work and lives could be more fulfilling if we more intentionally seek those ends or goods which seem under conditions of natural law most appropriate for our human species.

John first introduced me to the thoughts of Lonergan and I have been grateful to him ever since. Reflecting, having confidence in our capacity for insight, intuition and cultivating sensitivity to flow, empower our minds and spirits with self-confidence and brace them against the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” with a sort of humble courage.

I think you will find John’s comments very helpful to you at this time.