Please Join Us Online for Presentation of Our Annual Dayton Awards

The globally recognized 1994 Caux Round Table (CRT) ethical Principles for Business reflect the special legacy of Minnesota business leadership in seeking success through service to community and stakeholders. This remarkable legacy was epitomized by the Dayton Family – founders and owners of Dayton’s Department Store and Target Corporation, generous benefactors of the arts and community organizations.

To recognize the continuing importance of socially responsible leadership, the CRT annually recognizes executives who have distinguished themselves and their organizations in service to community.

Please join us online at 1:00 pm (CST) on Thursday, March 25 as we recognize Andrew Cecere, Chairman, President and CEO of U.S. Bancorp, for his determined engagement on behalf of the homeless to provide them with new facilities for shelter and meals.

The CRT will also recognize Don Samuels, CEO, MicroGrants, and Sondra Samuels, President and CEO, Northside Achievement Zone, for their perseverance in opening economic opportunities for citizens of north Minneapolis.

Thirdly, the CRT will commemorate the leadership of James Ford Bell, the Founder and CEO of what is now General Mills, after World War I in mobilizing Americans in agricultural enterprises to provide food for the hunger in Europe.


  • Welcome: Stephen Young, Global Executive Director, CRT
  • Presentation of Award to Andrew Cecere: Brad Anderson, Chairman, CRT; former CEO, Best Buy
  • Remarks: Andrew Cecere, Chairman, President and CEO, U.S. Bancorp
  • Remarks: Cardinal Peter Turkson
  • Presentation of Award to Don Samuels and Sondra Samuels: Brad Anderson, Chairman, CRT; former CEO, Best Buy
  • Remarks: Don Samuels, CEO, MicroGrants
  • Remarks: Sondra Samuels, President and CEO, Northside Achievement Zone
  • Remarks: Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Founding and Managing Partner, Inclusive Capitalism
  • Retrospective Award to James Ford Bell: Mark Ritchie, President, Global Minnesota, and Jeff Harmening, President and CEO, General Mills
  • Closing Remarks: Stephen Young, Global Executive Director, CRT

In particular, the Dayton Awards seek to dramatize leadership capacities of vision and prudence.

In 1994, at the initiative of several senior Minnesota business executives, the CRT published the first set of global ethical principles for business in Caux, Switzerland. Those principles then inspired the United Nations Global Compact. The CRT principles have informed the growing global movement for corporate social responsibility, which provides a road map for a more moral capitalism.

There are essential abilities required to lead – integrity, courage, compassion, respect and responsibility:

Integrity is being honest and having strong moral principles. Having integrity means you are true to yourself and would do nothing that demeans or dishonors you. Integrity makes you believable, as you know and act on your values.

Courage is strength in the face of adversity and upholding what is right, regardless of what others may think or do. Courage enables you to take a stand, honor commitments and guide the way. Courage is a necessary element of responsibility.

Compassion is having concern for another. It is feeling for and not feeling with the other. Compassion is concern of others in a more global sense.

Respect is a feeling of deep admiration for someone. Leaders ought to be respected and they ought to respect those with whom they work. Demonstrating this perspective is essential to motivate and inspire others.

Responsibility is acting on commitment, will, determination and obligation. Responsibility implies the satisfactory performance of duties, the adequate discharge of obligations and the trustworthy care for or disposition of possessions. It is being willing and able to act in a life-enhancing manner. Responsibility is expected of self, as well as from others.

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Again, this online event will be taking place at 1:00 pm (CST) on Thursday, March 25.