Letter from President Emmanuel Macron

It was my surprise and honor to receive yesterday this letter from French President Emmanuel Macron. I had sent him a copy of my book Moral Capitalism after our round table at the National Assembly on valuation. I’m delighted that his personal vision seems in such harmony with our mission.

My rough translation of his letter is:

President of the Republic
Paris, 9 Dec 2019

Mr. Stephen B. Young
Global Executive Director
Caux Round Table for Moral Capitalism

Mr. Director:

You have had the friendliness to make me stretch in an exemplary dedication with your book Moral Capitalism.

I send you lively thanks for sending your work of reflection on the necessity of returning an ethical dimension to capitalism out of concern for serving the common good.

I had the occasion to affirm before the ILO in Geneva last June 11 and then in the G7 summit in Biarritz in August, that deregulated capitalism, due to the lack of regulation, has generated such disequilibriums as menace our democracies.

We must therefore profoundly evolve market economies. To this end, enterprises have a decisive role to play in internalizing their externalities and align as well their interests with the common good. Ethical principles which you have promoted, will, when applied, achieve in this cause.

In sending you my thanks for this contribution to reflection which constitutes your work, I pray you to believe, Mr. Director, in the assurance of my best sentiments.

(Handwritten in English at the bottom: Thank you so much for your soul and your thoughts, All the best)

Emmanuel Macron