Catch the Wave: Support the CRT!

Last fall brought us some very good news: the vision of our Principles for Business was unexpectedly fully affirmed by statements from the Business Roundtable on August 19 and by Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum on December 2. Further, we also received affirmation of the importance of moral capitalism from French President Emmanuel Macron.

Now, with leading organizations providing validation of our work, we need to press ahead with greater efforts in 2020 to provide more thought leadership for global business. Your financial support is needed. You can support our work in confidence that it is making a very constructive difference.

As our advocacy of a moral capitalism now reflects a tipping point in conventional thinking, we have opportunities to help companies with training of their managers and employees, to guide investors and the accounting profession in consideration of valuation methodologies which take proper account of stakeholders and the intangible capitals now so necessary for firm success in the marketplace and to convene more round tables around the world. We need support for our publication on Amazon of unique books, important intellectual contributions written by our friends and those who we admire which may not attract conventional publishers.

We would be very grateful for your consideration of a beginning-of-year contribution to our work.

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