Please Give to the Max!

Here in Minnesota, there is a special day each year for making financial donations to our local non-profits.  It’s called “Give to the Max” and is tomorrow, Thursday, November 17.

There is no geographic prohibition on donors, so each year, we send out a request to you for financial support.

Our case is perhaps more compelling this year.  Many leaders around the world seem to have lost heart and courage.  There is a failure of confidence.  Accordingly, those who look up to leaders seem more worried than before at what they see or rather, what they don’t see.

We are living in trying times – the first significant war in supposedly civilized Europe, of all places; the rejection of Western culture, based on the Enlightenment, by two great powers; ennui at confronting global warming; Big Data supporting the surveillance state; and Big Tech supporting surveillance capitalism.  A recent Zoom round table with a number of our fellows centered on these concerns and the lack of trust, very little of which can be found.

Uniquely, the Caux Round Table has in its principles a synthesis of action agendas, centered on respecting human agency and concern for stakeholders.  This effort can be a new paradigm, fit for global acceptance.  The principles have stood tests of time and season, recession and inflation, scandal and success in the marketplace.

To expand our presence now that Covid restrictions are passing into history, we need your financial help.  Please consider sending us a contribution of US$100.

We plan to resume in-person roundtables, would like to publish several books in 2023 addressing our global crisis of confidence and create educational modules to promote understanding of our principles.

To donate, please visit our Give to the Max page here.  You can also contribute directly to us via PayPal here.

If you would like to mail a check, our mailing address is 75 West Fifth Street, Suite 219, St. Paul, MN 55102.

You can also contribute via wire transfer (hit reply and we’ll send you the instructions).

Contributions are tax-deductible for U.S. residents.

With many thanks and high regards for all that each of you do.

October Pegasus Now Available

Here’s the October edition of Pegasus.

In this issue, we include a piece by yours truly on the overlooked importance of Mussolini and his fascism.  It was 100 years ago, on October 27, 2022, that Mussolini organized his March on Rome.

Next, we include a piece by Michael Hartoonian, our Associate Editor, on how we might prevent the success of “Mussolini-ism” by setting forth a program of education of virtue and responsibility.

Thirdly, Richard Van Scotter elaborates on Michael’s general introduction to a wise education, with an emphasis on civic education.  

Then, Charles Mattioli recalls for us the genius of the Scottish Enlightenment, which was different from the European Enlightenment of Descartes, Voltaire and Kant.

Lastly, Tom Abeles brings forward in time present and time future how education of all persons globally can evolve.  He contrasts the human experience with becoming educated as a fatalistic fall into a pinball machine, where we are small, self-contained little balls “slapped” around by the pins and moved by an unseen mover, with a far more appealing vision of using the internet to balance our individualism with our environment. 

I would be most interested in your thoughts and feedback.

Also, if you have any friends or colleagues you believe would be interested in our work, please feel free to forward this to them.  They can subscribe to Pegasus here

More Short Videos on Relevant and Timely Topics

We recently posted more short videos on relevant and timely topics.  They include:

The Value of Intangible Assets

A World Shifting Out of Balance 

Education as an Intangible Asset 

Morale – The Intangible Asset 

Serving the Common Good

All our videos can be found on our YouTube page here.  We recently put them into 8 playlists, which you can find here.

If you aren’t following us on Twitter or haven’t liked us on Facebook, please do so.  We update both platforms frequently.

September Pegasus Now Available!

Here’s the September issue of Pegasus.

This edition is a little longer than usual.

First, our Fellow, Michael Wright, links our ability to move beyond self and short-sightedness to creating trust – a human capability often abused.

Next, Michael Hartoonian, our Associate Editor, poses the question of whether or not our proclivity to invent and devise technology has grown exponentially to the point where it may start dehumanizing us and eroding the medium of trust, in which we live for the best.

Then, Tom Abeles, one of our local participants, asks us to really think about the future far out there – in space. Is such travel beyond earth’s atmospheric cocoon in our future?

Lastly, retired Professor, John Mauriel, reminds us of one real world example – the creation of the business school – of us developing new ways of analysis, some with short-term focus on realities and others on longer term results.

I would be most interested in your thoughts and feedback.

August Pegasus is Now Available!

In this edition, we include articles on moral capitalism and the middle class and whether theocracy has re-emerged in China.
We also include former Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao’s letter to his mother as it concerns China’s current ruler, Xi Jinping.

I would be most interested in your thoughts and feedback.

By the way, if you’ve missed any previous issues, you can find them all on our website here.

June Pegasus Now Available!

Here’s the June edition of Pegasus.

In this issue, we include an article on opportunity costs and another on recentering moral capitalism.

We also run the MBA Oath, which was founded in 2009 in the aftermath of the financial crisis by graduates of the Harvard Business School to be a Hippocratic Oath for managers.

I would be most interested in your thoughts and feedback.

With Regrets – Cancellation of Global Dialogue at Mountain House

We have been informed that accommodations at Mountain House in Caux, Switzerland this coming July 30 and 31 will be, shall I say, spartan at best.

Other meetings in July have been cancelled so that staff will not be hired. Reception support, meal preparation and cleaning will be provided on a minimal acceptable basis.

After discussion with our board, we have decided to cancel our planned Global Dialogue. I am concerned that participants will inconvenience themselves with travel and time, but not experience Mountain House at its best. Support for last minute travel issues, etc., as they arise, may be lacking as fully needed by our participants.

Regretfully and with apologies, therefore, we are cancelling this year’s Global Dialogue at Mountain House.

I am exploring options for convening a Global Dialogue yet this fall in another venue in Europe.

May Pegasus Now Available!

Here’s the May issue of Pegasus.

In this edition, we seek to answer 2 questions: 1) what do we understand as the proper relationship between moral and legal behavior and 2) what do we recognize as the proper tension between private and social benefits?

In that vein, we include an article on directors of moral systems and another on surviving speed and complexity.

We also include a piece I did on purposeful boards of directors, which was published by the Singapore Institute of Directors earlier this year, as well as an announcement about the 2021 Dayton Award, which was awarded back on May 6.

I would be most interested in your thoughts and feedback.