Stakeholder Risk Management of Boeing Revealed Higher Risks, Foretold Lower Value

In 2018, before Boeing encountered flaws with its 737 Max 8 aircraft in design and software to compensate for design shortcomings, Magni Asset Management, using a Caux Round Table (CRT) proprietary assessment methodology, assessed Boeing for governance. The assessment gave Boeing lower scores for risk management of customers and employees and a higher score for attending to shareholders.

The 737 Max 8 debacle happened at the interface between Boeing and its customers and employees. As a result of its performance, Boeing has suffered massive losses in cash flow, net worth and reputation.

Those losses might very well have been reduced or prevented if the company had paid more attention to governance of stakeholder risk management.

The link to the Magni analysis can be found here.

The value of Boeing as a company was determined by its stakeholder relationships, which can be assessed and improved with CRT metrics.