Working Together to Find a Way Forward

Just now in the U.S. and I presume in many other countries struggling to contain the coronavirus, there are differences of expert opinion on how fast to remove restrictions on our personal lives and the economy. There are also conflicting demands from citizens as to what governments should do. Some give priority to getting back to work, while others prefer longer periods of quarantine, just to be sure the virus is in full retreat. Experts differ over the facts, while people have different levels of risk tolerance and different situations – some needing work immediately.

What to do?

Our Principles for Business balance economic goods, narrowly understood, with the non-economic needs of customers, employees and communities, believing that what employment, commerce and finance make possible supports our lives in many important, intangible ways. Our Principles for Government advocate discourse to resolve differences and to mediate conflicting views and priorities on the proper use of public power.

In the U.S. House of Representatives, a small caucus of both Democrats and Republicans, the Problem Solvers Caucus, has proposed a common sense program for returning the U.S. to more normal ways.

You may find their recommendations here.

It is always gratifying when those in positions of authority and influence align their actions with good principles.