The Center Cannot Hold – 2

Recently, I sent to our network some observations on the collapse of the center in American culture and politics. A few days ago, a friend sent me the poll results found below, revealing the inconsistent narratives in which the two poles of American culture and politics have separately adopted.

I cannot vouch for any degree of credibility in these poll results, nor in the polling methodology used to obtain them. That inability is one of the afflictions, I think, we suffer from, living in this age of Twitter truths – nothing is really demonstrably true, that all we read might be empty-headed gossip or worse.

Nevertheless, the different opinions reported do track my personal experiences with friends on the right and on the left. Thus, I wanted to share with you this quite dramatic demonstration of how far apart many Americans are from one another.

In such a culture, what can possibly lift-up ethical discourse or promote the common good?