Caux Round Table Initiative on New Covenantal Pledges Between Christians and Muslims

You may recall that in February, I sent you a copy of our report on the covenants made by the Prophet Muhammad to respect and protect Christian communities.

After Pope Francis met with the Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani in May, the good offices of the Caux Round Table were sought to help draft a modern form of covenant in the spirit of the Prophet Muhammad’s promotion of mutuality and engagement between Christians and Muslims, such modern commitments of reciprocity between the communities to be considered for use in Iraq.

We asked for help from members of the study group which collaborated in drafting our report on the covenants of the Prophet. Their task was to reflect on what form a modern covenantal relationship between Christians and Muslims might take and what provisions might be most constructively included in such a document of mutual understanding.

Caux Round Table Chairman Emeritus, Lord Daniel Brennan, has presided over this new initiative.

The drafting team has proposed a “community compact” to be signed by individuals as a pledge of their good faith and goodwill in respectful engagement with other signatories and their community networks.

A copy of the proposed community compact has been forwarded to Pope Francis and the Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani for their information.

I attach here for you a copy of that proposed community compact. Please do send me your thoughts and advice on how this initiative could be successfully carried forward globally.