Why the Void in Leadership These Days?

Events in Afghanistan and Kabul have put before us this question: where are the leaders?

When writing my book Moral Capitalism, I was confronted with a similar question – what to do about ethical ideals?  Admire them?  Debate them?  Or implement them?

Then, our colleague Professor Kenneth Goodpaster at the University of St. Thomas used to say that practical morality was moving from “aspiration to action.”

Executing such movement is the work of leaders – wherever they might be in an organization’s hierarchy of roles and positions.

I thought it timely to once again reflect on leadership.  Where does it come from within us?  How can we become leaders?  Does leadership, with its access to courage and self-confidence, come from values?

Thus, I am sending you the chapter on principled business leadership from my book, which you can read here.

You may also order the book from Amazon here.