Some Thoughtful Comments on July Pegasus from Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia has sent in some thoughtful comments which helpfully expand, I think, the questions posed in the essays in the July issue of Pegasus.

I am grateful to Hector for taking time to write up his concerns and insights and I want to share them with you right away after receiving them.

Hector has written Clash or Complement of Cultures?: Peace & Productivity in the New Global Reality (Rowman & Littlefield).

He was Executive Director of the Minnesota Council on Latino Affairs, a state agency which advises the executive and legislative branches on the Minnesota Latino community and which also serves as a bridge of communication and cooperation between public/private/nonprofit sectors and Latinos in Minnesota.  He was Vice President for International and Domestic Emerging Markets at Wells Fargo Bank.  He assisted in the formation and growth of the Mexican chapters for Initiatives of Change (formerly Moral Re-Armament, a global peacebuilding network) and the Caux Round Table.  His local community service has included being a board member for Twin Cities Public Television and Catholic Charities.

You can find July Pegasus here.