AI and Socially Responsible Business

Henry Kissinger, along with Eric Schmidt, who was then the Executive Chairman of Google, have teamed up with the Dean of the MIT Schwarzman College of Computing, Daniel Huttenlocher, to write a trending new book, The Age of AI.

Belinda Luscombe of TIME Magazine writes: “The book argues that artificial intelligence processes have become so powerful, so seamlessly enmeshed in human affairs and so unpredictable, that without some forethought and management, the kind of “epoch-making transformations” they will deliver may send human history in a dangerous direction.”

Thus, the negotiator, the tech tycoon and the professor make the point that AI needs ethics.

Last year, the Caux Round Table asked around for inputs to a set of principles for AI, seeing that there was not yet a general set of guidelines for use of that technology.

You may read our proposed principles here.

Please let me know your thoughts on this draft.