Notice of Caux Round Table 2022 Global Dialogue at Mountain House in Caux, Switzerland

In partnership with the Initiatives of Change Business and Economy Program, we are planning on a Global Dialogue at Mountain House in Caux, Switzerland, for July 30 and 31, 2022.  Most participants have, in the past, arrived on Friday before the meeting and then leave the following Monday.

If you have never been to Mountain House, travel is quite easy.  At the Geneva Airport, (or train station if you arrive by train) you buy a train ticket for Caux and then catch a train for Montreux. The trip is about an hour, as I remember, or less.  Once at the Montreux station, you walk via an underpass to another platform to catch a cog wheeled train up the mountainside to Caux, a small hamlet.  Then, you walk 2 minutes to Mountain House.

Alternatively, the drive from Geneva to Caux is easy and well-marked.

Mountain House has been the setting for many sessions on reconciliation since opening as a conference center after WWII.  The first sessions brought former enemies from France and Germany together and laid a moral foundation for the European Union.  In 1986, Mountain House welcomed business leaders from Japan, Europe and the U.S. to confront and rise above trade rivalries in the first gathering of the Caux Round Table.

Today, as we shift from one era – the post-WWII order seeking international comity and peaceful idealism – to something, as yet, undefined, but, perhaps, a return to the realpolitik of nation state willful self-assertion and geo-political rivalries among economies and cultures – dialogue and reconciliation is still most needed.

Please join us to make your personal contribution to the legacy of Mountain House.  You may find the proposed agenda for the Global Dialogue here.

We will confirm the agenda, conference fee and accommodation costs later.

Please do save the date.