Should We Start a Caux Round Table Book Club?

Here in Minnesota, I have been considering, with help from Tom Abeles, launching a book club to meet regularly on Zoom for the benefit of our network.

I have several alternatives in mind and would be grateful for your advice and recommendations.

First, each meeting over Zoom could review and discuss one book or material excerpts from a long one.

Or a meeting could discuss selections from several books for comparison or breadth of coverage.

I believe that there would be value in reviewing classics, in light of current circumstances – Adam Smith on the moral sentiments, for instance.

John Maynard Keynes, Herbert Spencer, Max Weber on the Protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism, might be others.

Then, there is value in discussing current books, like those of Thomas Piketty, Paul Polman, Klaus Schwab, our own Klaus Leisinger, Mark Carney and Kengo Sakurada.

We could also devise a process for participants to recommend books to present to our network for discussion.

Please let me know what you think of such a program and your advice as to books worthy of discussion.