September Pegasus Now Available!

Here’s the September issue of Pegasus.

This edition is a little longer than usual.

First, our Fellow, Michael Wright, links our ability to move beyond self and short-sightedness to creating trust – a human capability often abused.

Next, Michael Hartoonian, our Associate Editor, poses the question of whether or not our proclivity to invent and devise technology has grown exponentially to the point where it may start dehumanizing us and eroding the medium of trust, in which we live for the best.

Then, Tom Abeles, one of our local participants, asks us to really think about the future far out there – in space. Is such travel beyond earth’s atmospheric cocoon in our future?

Lastly, retired Professor, John Mauriel, reminds us of one real world example – the creation of the business school – of us developing new ways of analysis, some with short-term focus on realities and others on longer term results.

I would be most interested in your thoughts and feedback.