Please Give to the Max!

Here in Minnesota, there is a special day each year for making financial donations to our local non-profits.  It’s called “Give to the Max” and is tomorrow, Thursday, November 17.

There is no geographic prohibition on donors, so each year, we send out a request to you for financial support.

Our case is perhaps more compelling this year.  Many leaders around the world seem to have lost heart and courage.  There is a failure of confidence.  Accordingly, those who look up to leaders seem more worried than before at what they see or rather, what they don’t see.

We are living in trying times – the first significant war in supposedly civilized Europe, of all places; the rejection of Western culture, based on the Enlightenment, by two great powers; ennui at confronting global warming; Big Data supporting the surveillance state; and Big Tech supporting surveillance capitalism.  A recent Zoom round table with a number of our fellows centered on these concerns and the lack of trust, very little of which can be found.

Uniquely, the Caux Round Table has in its principles a synthesis of action agendas, centered on respecting human agency and concern for stakeholders.  This effort can be a new paradigm, fit for global acceptance.  The principles have stood tests of time and season, recession and inflation, scandal and success in the marketplace.

To expand our presence now that Covid restrictions are passing into history, we need your financial help.  Please consider sending us a contribution of US$100.

We plan to resume in-person roundtables, would like to publish several books in 2023 addressing our global crisis of confidence and create educational modules to promote understanding of our principles.

To donate, please visit our Give to the Max page here.  You can also contribute directly to us via PayPal here.

If you would like to mail a check, our mailing address is 75 West Fifth Street, Suite 219, St. Paul, MN 55102.

You can also contribute via wire transfer (hit reply and we’ll send you the instructions).

Contributions are tax-deductible for U.S. residents.

With many thanks and high regards for all that each of you do.