A Wise Comment on the Collapse of FTX Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

With my colleagues here, I have been rethinking the emphasis we place on systems rather than on individuals.  Modern social science has become accustomed to focus on systems – how they work, their rise and fall, their coherence or incoherence.  Political philosophy has moved away from virtue studies and become political science, with a data-driven focus on mass behaviors, policies and programs, bureaucracy and hard and soft powers.

When seeking the public good in economics, we are caught between systems – capitalism and national socialism.

But what about the role of individuals in shaping organizations?  Or the role of organizations in promoting some kinds of personalities over others; personalities which then, when empowered, shape the organization to fit their needs and dispositions.

Here is a current commentary on the role of sociopathic individuals in corporations, authored by Jennifer Sey, who was the Brand President of Levi’s.

Her article appeared in the Spectator.