Please Join Us for a Zoom Round Table on Mindsets – Tuesday, December 13

Please join us at 9:00 am (CST) on Tuesday, December 13, for a round table discussion on “mindsets” over Zoom.

The November issue of our newsletter Pegasus presents an innovation in thinking about moral capitalism, ESG, sustainability, stakeholder capitalism, companies with a purpose, profit and loss outcomes, net impacts on society and culture, wealth creation – “mindsets.”

The premise of this approach is simple: what we accomplish often depends on what we do or don’t do.  What we attempt to do or neglect to do depends on what our thoughts, values and perceptions are.  Our thoughts, values and perceptions – our various narratives and motivations – our very moral sense itself – are now often bunched together in the popular jargon of “mindset,” as in “sustainability mindset.”

Please help us better understand and develop a “mindset” approach to wealth creation with your thoughts and recommendations.

To register, please email

Michael Hartoonian, Associate Editor of Pegasus, will lead the discussion.

The event is free and will last about an hour.