2022 Dayton Awards Event: Video

On May 2, the Caux Round Table presented Mary Kowalski, owner of Kowalski’s Markets, Kris Kowalski Christiansen, CEO of Kowalski’s Markets and Kyle Smith, CEO of Reell Precision Manufacturing, with our 2022 Dayton Award.

Kris Kowalski Christiansen, Mary Kowalski and Kyle Smith
Kris Kowalski Christiansen, Mary Kowalski and Kyle Smith

The Caux Round Table Principles for Business of 1994 reflect the special legacy of Minnesota business leadership in seeking success through service to community and stakeholders.  This remarkable legacy was epitomized by the Dayton Family – founders and owners of Dayton’s department store and Target Corporation, generous benefactors of the arts and community organizations.

The award seeks to recognize leadership, not position.  In fact, small and family-owned companies contribute more to the quality of our daily lives than do large corporations.  Small businesses constitute 99% of all American companies and employ 47% of working Americans.  We have also found that small and family-owned companies are more in touch with their stakeholders than are large corporations, which tend, on the whole, to favor shareholders.  The companies that made Minnesota prosperous with a high quality of life, honest and dedicated public officials and dynamic civil society nonprofits started as family-owned or small companies.

You can watch the event here.

Many thanks to our participant, Loren Swanson, for recording it.