2023 Global Dialogue: Foundational Principles for a New Global Ethic

The Caux Round Table for Moral Capitalism, in collaboration with Initiatives of Change, will convene a Global Dialogue on Foundational Principles for a New Global Ethic at Mountain House in Caux, Switzerland, on July 26 and 27 and you are invited to join us.

Since this is the first Global Dialogue since the Covid pandemic and since there is a new setting of uncertainty and disequilibrium in our global order, the Global Dialogue proposes to table for its participants the question of what ethics are needed at this time in history?

Can we restore the post-World War II liberal international order?  Are we in some interregnum, searching for new paradigms?  Is our time one where the strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must, as Thucydides quoted the ethic of the Athenians so long ago?

The Caux Round Table will propose a draft global ethic incorporating principles from different wisdom traditions.  The Caux Round Table has undertaken a study with Catholic, Sunni and Shi’a colleagues of certain covenants given by the Prophet Muhammad to respect and protect Christians, deepening its understanding of Islamic values.  The Caux Round Table has also engaged with Buddhist thinkers in Thailand on the Buddha’s recommendations on moderation, balance and equilibrium.  These action orientations have inspired an approach to economic justice denominated by the late King Rama IX as a “sufficiency” economy.

We are planning for the participation of our Catholic, Sunni, Shi’a and Thai colleagues in the Global Dialogue.  The goal of the dialogue is to reach a common understanding on a new humanism with responsible individualism in the context of social coexistence at the core of our aspirations for peace and prosperity.

A proposed agenda for the discussions can be found here.

The dialogue will begin with dinner on the evening of July 25 and conclude with a dinner on July 27.  Mountain House is easily reachable by train from the Geneva airport with a transfer at Montreux to a cog railway up the mountain to Caux.  Mountain House is 50 meters from the Caux station.

The registration fee to support administrative expenses of the Caux Round Table is US$549 (includes processing fees).  I expect that the daily accommodation charge at Mountain House, per person, for meals and a room will be CHF150 or about US$166.  Please note this is in addition to the US$549 and would be paid directly to Mountain House.

To register, please click here.

If you have any questions, please email us at jed@cauxroundtable.net.