Update On Our Global Dialogue

I am very pleased and honored to tell you that Thai Beverage, a major Thai company most supportive of a Buddhist approach to development – the sufficiency economy principles proposed by His Late Majesty King Rama IX – has agreed to sponsor the 2023 Global Dialogue.  With the company’s support, we will have with us at Mountain House several very thoughtful Thai opinion leaders.

Secondly, two of our colleagues from Beijing, professors most conversant with pre-imperial Chinese moral philosophy, have permission to join us.

Thirdly, Klaus Leisinger of the Global Values Alliance, former president of the Novartis Foundation and colleague of Hans Kung, will join us on July 26 to share his concerns and his optimism about what private thought leaders can accomplish in recommending global approaches to our common, shared conundrums.

Fourth, I am especially reassured by notes from a number of colleagues who plan to join the dialogue that our focus on the ethical foundations for our global community, as we move into the 21st century on a note of stress and conflict, is timely and of fundamental importance.

I hope you will find it possible to come to Caux, Switzerland on July 26 and 27.

I attach a copy of the proposed agenda here and the draft civilizational ethic here.

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