Please Join Us for Lunch July 6 to Reflect on Who’s Right and Who’s Wrong: Business in the Crosshairs in Our Culture War

The Wall Street Journal, in two recent articles, brought forward factual realities of our time, where businesses have become parties to our differences of opinion – should they go with the flow of ESG?  Should they stick to their knitting?  What social/cultural points of view important to their customers and employees should become part of their brand or their products and services?

The controversies are robust and the issues involved both sensitive to all parties and thorny, so that one can easily get pricked trying to get a hand on them.

For example, employees are fiduciary agents of their employers, having assumed duties of due care.  Does this mean that they should exercise self-restraint where their personal beliefs and values are concerned to think first of what is best for the company vis-à-vis all its customers and its brand over the long-term?

Please join us for lunch at noon on Thursday, July 6 at Landmark Center, room 326, in St. Paul to help think through this new challenge for all of us living in a free society, where tolerance and respect must be important moral foundations for community.

Registration will begin at 11:30 am.

Cost to attend is $20, which you can pay at the door.

Lunch will be provided by Afro Deli.

The event will last between an hour and hour and a half.

To register, please email