2023 Global Dialogue and World Religions: Harmony or Chaos?

Since the 1994 publication of the Caux Round Table Principles for Business, one consistent question has been on the table – who gets to speak for whom where ethics are concerned?

The late Wharton Business School Professor, Thomas Dunfee, challenged me to show that the principles constituted what he called a “meta” ethic, one that incorporated the principles advocated by a number of more particular cultural narratives as to right or wrong, prudent or foolhardy?

To humor Tom, I did some reading of wisdom tradition texts and then started in on a cross-reference chart between the principles and a number of wisdom traditions.  To my surprise, he was correct: a concordance did exist across faiths and traditions.

I attach the chart here for you to consider.

Now, at our 2023 Global Dialogue to be convened at Mountain House in Caux, Switzerland on July 26 and 27, we will consider, in round table format, a civilizational ethic which needs to be something of a “meta” ethic.  I think our chart on our principles for business and wisdom traditions testifies to the realistic possibility of reaching cross-tradition accord on fundamental principles for living well together, with respect for all our environments.

Please do join us for these discussions.

The proposed agenda is here.

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