Statement of Conclusions: Caux Round Table 2023 Global Dialogue

Participants in the Caux Round Table’s 2023 Global Dialogue convened at Mountain House in Caux, Switzerland on July 26 and 27 for round table sessions on 1) where are we at as a global community, 2) where are we headed and 3) where are our leaders?

Participants from Asia, Europe and the U.S., rather quickly and agreeably, came to certain conclusions:

1) Our human community is at an inflection point: something is past and something different is coming.  We are in a juncture of developments, provoking dysfunctions, exacerbating differences, precipitating separations and bringing on anxiety-inducing uncertainties.
2) Leaders up to our challenges and worthy of our respect are in short supply everywhere.
3) A recovery of commitment to personal responsibility is most needed.

This statement, drafted by participants, sets forth their conclusions and recommendations.

Please feel free to share the statement with your friends, colleagues and networks.