What Has Happened to Us? Please Join Us for Lunch on the 26th

When we say the words “mental health,” our thinking likely automatically goes to things like depression and suicide.  But the fact is that being mentally healthy matters to all of us.  And let’s be honest here, that seems to be more of a struggle lately than it has been in the past.

All the news these days seems to be bad news.  From climate catastrophes, to deep political division, to warring nations, to a worldwide pandemic, it seems all we find everywhere we look is reasons to feel bad.  Suicide rates are up almost across the board.  Closer to home, the free online questionnaire offered by Mental Health Minnesota led to 10,700 mental health screenings in 2022 and they’ve already exceeded 18,000 screenings in the first half of 2023.

But, there is some hope.  While suicide rates are up in general, they actually fell 8.5% among 10–24-year-olds.  And mental illness is increasingly viewed as not something filled with shame, but an illness like most other chronic conditions, one that can be accepted, treated and lived with.

Please join us for an in-person round table over lunch at noon on Tuesday, September 26 at the Landmark Center in St. Paul for an in-person round table to discuss mental health and its importance to the times we find ourselves in.

Registration and lunch will begin at 11:30 am.

Cost to attend is $20, which you can pay at the door.

Lunch will be provided by Afro Deli.

To register, please email jed@cauxroundtable.net.

The event will last between an hour and hour and a half.