To Cure Our Political Distemper: Moral Government!

Under the radar, the Caux Round Table has worked to find and advocate a better way of thinking about our politics than culture war.

To build a more moral capitalism, we must first determine what conditions are necessary to support such a system.  A fundamental requirement is compatible politics and government.

No moral capitalism can emerge where there is corruption, abuse of law, rent-seeking everywhere you turn, concentration of power and wealth in elites – social, aristocratic, military, one-party authoritarianism.

Bad government for decades has prevented peoples from obtaining the personal and societal benefits of economic development.  Bad government chokes the formation of good social capital and causes human capital to stagnate.

To counter the baleful influences of bad government, the Caux Round Table proposed ethical principles for moral government.

They might even improve our prospects for domestic tranquility here in the U.S.

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